With Thanksgiving behind us here in the US, I’m excited to begin making Christmas crafts and bringing out my family’s old decorations that have been passed down. This year more than ever I am attracted to simple decorations like the ones shown here. More inspiration on Pinterest – follow me here.

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Is it just me or is there a lack of beautiful Christmas stockings out there? I’ve found one online that I really love. It’s this one from roddyandginger‘s Etsy shop. Everything else I’ve seen seems over-embellished and … well, not attractive. Do you guys have any stocking favorites out there that you find spectacular? Please share! I know they must exist!

Handmade Icelandic Christmas stocking from roddyandginger

I think that this year I have been more into decorating the house for Christmas than any other year, probably because now I have a whole home that I feel is mine. No roommates whose style I have to consider, etc. And it has been So Fun. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Larson household for sure!


These classy displays are something that I’ve been keeping in mind as I decorate my own house:
Click any photo to see it in its original glory.

from Ikea Sweden's blog Livet Hemma


from Eline Pellinkhof

from Unruly Things


from Hula Seventy

from West Elm

Ben and I are celebrating with my family in the LA area today! So good to see my grandparents, aunt and cousin. I hope you all are having a marvelous day as well!

Here are a few things that I am thankful for:

from sam saturday's flickr

handwritten letters from my best friend

from Teen Angster


my marriage (an actual photo from our wedding. photo by A.Querio)

Since I’m currently living in the life stage of “always celebrating Thanksgiving in someone else’s house” I can only dream of what my Thanksgiving table would look like. Here’s a little mood board of things from Etsy that I would love to have. The table above is my inspiration. And isn’t it a lovely one?


[1. pigeontoeceramics peaked nesting bowls] [2. kizzyrayan123 terra cotta plant pots]
[3. rescuedjunk clothes pin bundle] [4. skinnylaminx tea towel]

[1. shoponsherman thanksgiving pitcher] [2. crystalnatalina linen table runner]
[3. lovintagefinds french storage wire basket] [4. seedwingwonder scalloped bowl]

[1. urbanfindschicago russel wright teapot] [2. comeonoverclover vintage silverware]
[3. RouDesigns s&p shakers] [4. greyworksdesign cuttingboard]