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Moon and Back Valentine's Day Card 1pc

Quill and Fox features stationery with designs by Yas Imamura. Based out of Portland, Oregon, she also designs custom stationery and wedding invitations. Ooooo. Her feminine and whimsical designs are quite lovely and can be found via her Etsy shop or in several locations around the country and in England. She has a great selection of Valentine’s Day cards out as you can see. Hop on it, people! (If it was Easter, that would have been a great pun.)

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Many Thanks Bird Card 10pcs

Ink and Blots Thank You Card 1pc

Geometric Thank You Card 10pcs

Hello There Card 1pc

Terrarium Light Bulb 1pc

Cupid Valentine's Day Cards 10pcs

If we had managed to actually get Christmas cards out to people this year, I would have bought them from Rachel’s lovely online stationery shop Mercier Beaucoup.

And they would have been these…

or these…

or these…

or these…

Basically, I’m pretty glad we never got around to it because I love ALL OF THESE! (And more! See below.)

Based out of New York City, Rachel Mercier is the owner and curator of this lovely collection featuring many boutique brands. All of our favorites, basically.
The best thing about MB, however, is their Monthly Stationery Subscriptions. Wanna know what that means?
It means for only $36 you will receive three hand-selected greeting cards in a pretty little box with pretty little paper for three months in a row.

It’s like a little surprise present each month! And it doesn’t have to end after three months. You can get 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. The cards you receive will be completely random and allow you to stock up your card selection for all last-minute card needs.

Do you remember that old commercial where the lady is in the other room when she hears her quests talking about how, “oh, my birthday is tomorrow!” and “oh, our anniversary is this weekend!” so she scuttles to her little cabinet and has every card she would ever need tucked in there? I love that! I’ve always wanted a little greeting card stash.
Well, here’s a good, fun way to do it!

Below are some more of my favorite Christmas cards from the shop. Click here to see more lovely non-holiday cards!