things i like


1. A beautifully designed online shop.
2. Loving this kitchen on An Magritt’s blog.
3. I made this dish for dinner last week (red lentils and spinach in marsala sauce) and it was OHSOGOOD. tres spicy.
4. How to Cook Legumes kitchen cheat sheet poster.
5. For all you Harry Potter fans out there: How to knit a mandrake! knitting pattern
6. Oh, you know … just a happy wild fox jumping on a trampoline.

Photograph by John Stezaker


1. Anyone need an adorable leather clutch? find yours here.
2. Portland, Oregonians, you are in luck. Artisan neighborhood honey in your city. Bee Local.
3. A great vegetarian cooking blog.
4. I love this quilt from Anthropologie.
5. If you haven’t visited Fine Little Day’s online shop,
I’m giving you the opportunity now.
6. I’m obsessed with this hotel in Reykjavik,
and this natural geothermal spa 40 minutes away.

from Fine Little Day

1/ This lamp by Jason Koharik would be wonderful for my bedside. I’ll take two, please!
2/ This photograph is the closest thing I can find to the wonderful framed photo seen in this kitchen that I’ve been searching for for years.
3/ I try not to be a crazy cat lady most of the time, but … this scarf is lovely.
4/ Wonderful dress from La Casita De Wendy
5/ I can’t wait to try this pad thai recipe … sounds wonderful and pretty easy.
6/ Portland, Oregon’s 100 Best Places to Stuff Your Faces
7/ Japanese food packaging. Eat your heart out.


1. This modern chicken coop. Plus, this lady is hilarious.
2. The perfect high chair for all those modern-loving moms out there.
3. Greenhouse made from old window panes. Spring has sprung and I have gardening /slash yard makeover fever!
4. It’s time to paint my Toms!
5. I would wear this dress everyday. In black, of course.
6. Orla Kiely scarf – it’s fabulous.
7. Vintage photographs by Lisa Larsen – a 1950s Southern gathering

oxidized sterling silver ring / cable knit sweater / pants / eclectic kitchen / button downs / talisan jewelry / striped linen bath towel / boy meets girl c. 1960

I actually couldn’t find a music video today that was awesome enough for a music monday post. Can you believe that? I tried, I really did. So instead here’s a little collection of things I’ve been liking recently. I love the eclectic kitchen (haven’t found out where it’s from.) When I was single my living spaces were always filled with a hoarded bunch of eccentricities and random beautiful or ugly items passed down to me or found in thrift stores. Now that I’m married and have a house, I feel like I’ve kind of grown up … which makes me sad. I have made a point to make sure that everything goes well together. Not matchy-matchy, mind you. Oh, never that. But my living room … it just … to me it looks too nice. I hope to bring back some of the oddball stuff in the coming months. I’m done being ordinary.