Over the past few months I have been finding more and more design blogs by people living in Europe that are amazing. It is so refreshing, and their curated posts are always deliciously mod and fresh. Here are few of my favs that you should probably check out if you and I are style friends.

[Confession] Yeah, I have no idea what any of these blog names mean and I sometimes can’t even understand what Google Chrome tries to translate for me, therefore until I learn Norwegian, Icelandic, and French these will be mainly picture blogs for me! The beautiful thing about these blogs is that, hey, there’s still amazing pictures that need no translation!

Click the pictures to be amazingly transported to the blog!

Miluccia from France

ÓLÖF JAKOBÍNA from Iceland

le 13 zor from Belgium

fjellby from Norway

fine little day from Sweden


AKA My new favorite blog.
I happened upon it yesterday while searching for lovely houseplant photos. Written by Jennifer Ghislain from Brussels, as far as I can tell. It’s a little hard for me to understand and maneuver, seeing as how I don’t speak french and Google/Chrome’s translating tool can only get you so far, but each post I’ve seen is just lovely and totally up my design alley.

Click the photo to go to Le 13zor.

Stone & Honey's Tiny Triangle Ring

Sometimes when I’m on the internet, I stumble upon things that I think are way more interesting than they actually are. This post, for example.

I first saw the ring above a couple weeks ago and went, Wow! I’ve been obsessing lately over semi-masculine rings with a harsh, rugged, darkness to them. Rings, like my favs below, that are certainly non-blingy. I’ve never been into bling that much. (My wedding and engagement rings are probably the least ceremonial of wedding and engagement rings … ever. Two little oxidized silver branches with the tiniest yellow sapphire known to man? I love it.)

From left: [1. senayakin’s Hammered Ring] [2. senayakin’s Rosa Luxemburg Ring BLACK] [3. Freedom at Topshop’s Hammered Shield Ring] [4. Yasuko Azuma’s Moonlight Diamond Ring]

So this little oxidized silver band with a perfectly tiny brass triangle was happy to me.

Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge wore a little collection of them oh-so perfectly below. But at $20 a piece am I going to want to buy 6 of them?? That will probably never happen.

Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge donning Need Supply's rings

Good thing I discovered this little ring on Etsy yesterday! It comes from blogger/artist Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap and is available on her Etsy shop. At $11.99 a piece, they may be a little more affordable if you are in need of stacking rings. But the triangle is made of polymer clay rather than brass, and the band is an adjustable black metal, not silver, and it s noticeably chunkier than the first ring. What do you think? Is it worth the eight dollar price drop? The Stone & Honey is just so delicate looking; a good way to offset the masculine feel of it.

amerrymishap's gold triangle ring

In the end, here’s to two lovely rings! Cheers.