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[print of the week]

Thanks for bearing with me the last week, guys. I started a new job, am preparing for a giant garage sale and in doing so went through every box in my garage. (Why I still have book reports from 1997 is beyond me. I’m happy to say, those are gone for good!)

Well, thankfully I have for us a Print of the Week today. This week it’s a wonderful screenprint from Fieldguided based in Toronto. “Vu de l’extérieur” is the name of a Serge Gainsbourg album, and it can mean both “seen from the exterior” and “exterior view.”
From their website, “Anabela Carneiro and Geoff Piersol are the couple behind Fieldguided. Operating as a blog and a line of hand-made and artistic goods, Fieldguided encompasses Anabela and Geoff’s various interests in art, design, fashion, music, and literature.

Find Fieldguided elsewhere:
Their blog is wonderful.

  • Paper measurements 15 1/2 inches tall x 11 3/4 inches wide, design measures 10x10 inches
  • $30
  • Black ink on acid-free Maidstone warm white paper (90lb), with deckle edge
  • Click the image to see its shop listing.

    [print of the week]

    Today we have a wee hedgehog entitled “Fall Hedgehog, flowers” by Katie Vernon (aka ChipmunkCheeks on Etsy).

    In her shop you’ll find lots of lovely, whimsical creatures but I love this little hedgehog and the wonderful colors of his bouquet! The colorful little figure in his hill of whitespace would be so cute in a little girl’s room!

    Find Katie elsewhere:
    Like her on Facebook
    personal website
    Etsy shop

  • 8" x 10" archival print
  • $20
  • [print of the week]

    Abstract Landscape 3 is a giclee print by Yangyang Pan, a native of China now living and working in Ontario, Canada. I love the texture and colors of this piece. Very fitting since today is the first day of Spring!
    From her website: “Yangyang Pan studied at Sichuan Fine Art Institute and received her Honours Bachelor of Art and Master of Fine Art from Sichuan Fine Art Institute with various experiences in art and design. She then was working as an instructor in Sichuan Fine art Institute before she immigrated to Canada in 2006. Now she is living in Markham and working as a full-time artist.”

    You can get it printed in a variety of sizes, from 6.5″ x 8″ to 16″ x 20″.

    Find her:
    Portfolio site

  • $25
  • High quality giclee print from an original oil painting
  • Paper measured 8 1/2" x 11 (21.6 cm x 27.9cm). The actual image size is 8" x 10"(20.3x25.4cm)
  • [print of the week]

    Bear and woodland Creatures, Fox, Deer, Hare, Badger is the wonderful work of Tracey Long, a freelance artist living in the countryside on the border of England and Wales. Her work is so lovely, so whimsical. (I am always in the mood for some whimsy.) Her shop on Etsy is called Chasing the Crayon and can be found here. But this print is my favorite. (I have a thing for woodland creatures. Maybe I watched too much of Nick Jr’s Little Bear well into my 20s. Who knows?)

    Follow her on Twitter @chasingthcrayon
    and find her blog here.

    [The Fine Print]
  • $19
  • 8x11 print is printed using Epson archival inks on Epson archival matt paper 192g
  • Available larger 11.7x16.5 for $30
  • Here are some more of her lovely prints that you can find in her shop!

    a long introductory video…

    …and the amazingness of Elsa Mora

    If you wander around on Pinterest as much as I do, you may have seen her work. She was born and raised on an island off of Cuba and relocated to Los Angeles in her 30s. She has an Etsy shop and a wonderful blog, from which all of these amazing photographs of her work come from.



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