[music monday]


First Aid Kit was suggested to me just last night by a friend. They are a Swedish folk duo made up of Johanna and Klara, sisters aging just 19 and 22 years old. Their name first started shooting around the internet in 2008 when they posted this cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Pleasant Song.”

They have three albums out now. Their most recent, The Lion’s Roar, came out this January. Enjoy.

[music monday]


Yay! A song to share this week! M83 is a band that I am new to. I know I’ve heard their songs, mostly within the past year even though they’ve been around since 2001. When I say “they” I really mean “he.” M83 is the project of French artist Anthony Gonzalez. They’ve had 4 albums out, and I’m excited to listen to them all. Coolest thing I’ve learned about them? M83 was named after the spiral galaxy “Messier 83”. How nerdy and awesome is that?!

(This video is also pretty sweet.) Enjoy!

[music monday]


I, to this day, do not understand Laura Marling’s voice. How does that whiskey-molasses voice come from a creature so thin, young, and British? Well, it’s beautiful and wonderful and haunting, and I guess I’ll have to just leave it at that!

I discovered her through my local library’s astounding collection of CDs last winter. It was her 2010 release, I Speak Because I Can. Her newest release, A Creature I Don’t Know, came out this past September and is from what this video comes.

This music video .. ahhhh … I know it’s not autumn and we’re not depressed yet, but this video is so touching. It puts me in a very creative mood. I love what someone from YouTube commented, “I listened to this on the bus, and literally forgot where I was heading and why.”

This morning I made a playlist for a breakfast party I was hosting and I thought that I’d share it with you! 34 songs of pure goodness to help you ease into wakefulness. These are songs to drink your cup, do your crossword, and start your day. They start out a little mellow and graduate into sunny goodness as the time goes on. 146 minutes of delightful egg-making music sounds. I hope you enjoy it!

mornings. stream it here.

I go through Spotify because every song you listen to the artist makes money. If you don’t already have Spotify, it’s free!


1. imogen heap – sleep
2. laura marling – goodbye england (covered in snow)
3. madeleine peyroux – don’t wait too long
4. the cranberries – twenty one
5. laura marling – darkness descends
6. the cranberries – linger
7. rachael yamagata – be be your love
8. fiona apple – extraordinary machine
9. beach house – 10 mile stereo
10. aimee mann – save me
11.fleet foxes – montezuma
12. devendra banhart – this beard is for siobhan
13.laura marling – blackberry stone
14. she & him – home
15. the bird and the bee – sara smile
16. william fitzsimmons – farewell angelina
17. the shins – those to come
18. gregory alan isakov – salt and the sea
19. belle and sebastian – ease your feet in the sea
20. vetiver – at forest edge
21. blitzen trapper – furr
22. beach house – zebra
23. rachael yamagata – saturday morning
24. blitzen trapper – below the hurricane
25. bat for lashes – i’m on fire
26. fleet foxes – mykonos
27. bon iver & st. vincent – rosyln
28. anya marina – satellite heart
29. grizzly bear – slow life
30. imperial mammoth – requiem on water
31. iron & wine – the trapeze swinger
32. nils frahm – corn
33. the tallest man on earth – where do my bluebird fly
34. william fitzsimmons – passion play