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[music monday]


Natasha Khan, of Bat for Lashes, is my girl. Seriously, she is, in my opinion, the best songwriter out there. So creative, so … unusual. I really dig mucho layering in music, and this girl has it down.


[what i've been into lately]

Mobiles! I love mobiles! When I have children you bet my home will be filled with them. …Maybe even before that actually. Here are some of my favs.


from Tumblr

from Pinterest

from madeleinesargeant

from Spool Sewing

from vintagemint

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving if you’re in the US. If you’ve traveled far from home, be safe on your way back! My husband, mom, step-dad, and I have a 17-hour drive ahead of us tomorrow! Woo! I see In-n-Out and Red Vines in our future. Much love.

Ben and I are celebrating with my family in the LA area today! So good to see my grandparents, aunt and cousin. I hope you all are having a marvelous day as well!

Here are a few things that I am thankful for:

from sam saturday's flickr

handwritten letters from my best friend

from Teen Angster


my marriage (an actual photo from our wedding. photo by A.Querio)

[an etsy shop spotlight]

Smoke Signals Giclee Print

Bark Decor is run by sisters Sara and Shana of Massachusetts. They “live in a small town just south of Boston, Massachusetts and [they] design and create home decor, apparel, jewelry and fine art” according to their featured seller interview.
Sara designs and illustrates (as well as creates folky wonderful music here), while Shana makes all of the jewelry. Find their shop here.

Here are some of my favorites:

Jersey Hand Printed Circle Scarf

Reverie Crop Top

Arrow Necklace

Going Hunting Screen Printed Pillow

Astral Teepee Tank

Since I’m currently living in the life stage of “always celebrating Thanksgiving in someone else’s house” I can only dream of what my Thanksgiving table would look like. Here’s a little mood board of things from Etsy that I would love to have. The table above is my inspiration. And isn’t it a lovely one?


[1. pigeontoeceramics peaked nesting bowls] [2. kizzyrayan123 terra cotta plant pots]
[3. rescuedjunk clothes pin bundle] [4. skinnylaminx tea towel]

[1. shoponsherman thanksgiving pitcher] [2. crystalnatalina linen table runner]
[3. lovintagefinds french storage wire basket] [4. seedwingwonder scalloped bowl]

[1. urbanfindschicago russel wright teapot] [2. comeonoverclover vintage silverware]
[3. RouDesigns s&p shakers] [4. greyworksdesign cuttingboard]

[music monday]

Taken by Trees is 34-year-old, pixie-haired Victoria Bergsman. She hails from Sweden, used to be in a band called The Concretes (which I have not heard of), and I can honestly say that I have no idea how I happened upon her, but a few weeks ago I did. I love her second album, East of Eden, from which this song I am sharing with you is from. She retreated to Pakistan to write and record this album and, according to Wiki, hired amateur musicians from the area to record with her. I love the exotic sound; the breeziness of this song.