Last year I wrote a post about how much I liked Zooey Deschanel’s character’s bedspread on the set of her (then) new tv show New Girl was and it has been by far the most viewed post on this blog, which leads me to believe that many of you enjoy it as well! The frustrating bit is that no one could figure out where it was from! Realizing that it was probably a custom comforter made on set, I went in search for the fabric, but how easy could that be? I mean, really. There are too many fabrics in the world to ever be able to magically happen upon it in that manner.

Thanks to reader Eva, we now know! First we happened on this article from which then by way of quick Google search led me to this.

And there you have it, friends.
Pindler & Pindler fabric Pattern #P1152-Ojai color Ebony

You can buy this fabric at the locations listed here, or online here.
It’s not cheap, people. But it’s pretty! Happy shopping!

Pdl P1152-Ebony

[an etsy shop spotlight]

Eames for Herman Miller Fiberglass Arm Chair Rocker-RAR

I’m so glad that I just discovered CoMod Classics based out of Columbia, Missouri. They buy and restore mid-century modern furniture with an emphasis on the iconic designs of Charles & Ray Eames. They also sell mid-century inspired handmade pieces (like the little side table and clock below.)

My mom has that exact avocado Cathrineholm bowl. Well, I sure wish it was mine!

Find their website here
the Etsy shop here
and on Facebook here.

Mid Century Modern Inspired Side Table

Mid Century Modern Inspired Clock

Vintage Mid Century Modern CathrineHolm Enamel Bowl

Vintage Mid Century Modern Thonet Plywood Chair

Eames for Herman Miller Fiberglass Arm Chair Rocker-RAR

My couch situation right now is pretty sad. I’m definitely lucky to have a family hand-me-down and not something I found on the side of the road however. I’m also lucky that my mom has amazing taste, but the bright, purple, floral couch she picked out 15 years ago belongs more in Central Perk than it does in my earthy, mid-century cave of a house. So I am dearly looking forward to the day that we get to slap down the big bucks and purchase the couch my living room has been dying for.
If my husband and I can find the happy place between our tastes we might end up with a couch like one of these:

from Salvage Love

from Flickr

This couch below might be my favorite of the group. I love this color!

via Bonnie Tsang Photography

via Fine Little Day

from Manhattan Nest