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Man and Woman Tea Towels by depeapa

Loving these tea towels at VerĂ³nica de Arriba’s Etsy shop, Depeapa. All I want these days are black and white tea towels. (Black and white everything really.)

Find VerĂ³nica’s sweet blog here.





La Distributrice (The Dispenser) occupies the smallest retail space in Montreal. With a staircase above and the width of 2 espresso machines, the space is room for just one barista who will create your espresso drink of choice to go as you exit the very busy Mont Royal Metro Station in The Plateau neighborhood. They serve espresso from Detour Coffee Roasters out of Ontario and sell their beans by the bag as well. The visual identity for this travel-worthy coffee window was designed by Gabriel Lefebvre and Rachel Lecompte and you can view their project page here.



Last year I wrote a post about how much I liked Zooey Deschanel’s character’s bedspread on the set of her (then) new tv show New Girl was and it has been by far the most viewed post on this blog, which leads me to believe that many of you enjoy it as well! The frustrating bit is that no one could figure out where it was from! Realizing that it was probably a custom comforter made on set, I went in search for the fabric, but how easy could that be? I mean, really. There are too many fabrics in the world to ever be able to magically happen upon it in that manner.

Thanks to reader Eva, we now know! First we happened on this article from which then by way of quick Google search led me to this.

And there you have it, friends.
Pindler & Pindler fabric Pattern #P1152-Ojai color Ebony

You can buy this fabric at the locations listed here, or online here.
It’s not cheap, people. But it’s pretty! Happy shopping!

Pdl P1152-Ebony

It’s true, folks. I am the proud new owner of an iPhone. As someone who is new to the smartphone and portable computer realm, I feel like I have been in a dizzying whirlwind the past six days as I’ve been getting to know this new magical device that can do everything for me except roast marshmallows at a moment’s notice.

So as I sit down at my computer for the first time in literally 6 days, I think that it would be a good idea to dedicate this post to iPhones and all their excessive glory. Here is a roundup of the iPhone covers available out there in Internetland that have caught my fancy. Can you guess which one is mine?

Left to right, top to bottom.
[1.Blue Chevron iPhone case] [2.Knitta Please iPhone case] [3.DG Aztec #1 iPhone case]
[4.Soma iPhone case] [5.Arnsdorf SS11 Crystal Pattern iPhone case] [6.Flower Burst iPhone case]
[7.elago S4 Slim fit Case iPhone case] [8.Walnut Root Cases iPhone case] [9.”Allusion” iPhone case]

Is it bad that after seeing David Fincher’s version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last night the thing that I came away with most is how awesome the design of those coffee cups were? Granted, I did think that they were black and white when in reality they are blue and white, but hey I’m still a fan of the bold minimalism.

Turns out they’re from Wayne’s Coffee, Sweden’s version of Starbucks, and apparently there’s one on every corner too. The to-go cups made appearances in several scenes.

Apparently, everything is better in Sweden when it comes to design. Even their coffee cups. Damn.