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1. This modern chicken coop. Plus, this lady is hilarious.
2. The perfect high chair for all those modern-loving moms out there.
3. Greenhouse made from old window panes. Spring has sprung and I have gardening /slash yard makeover fever!
4. It’s time to paint my Toms!
5. I would wear this dress everyday. In black, of course.
6. Orla Kiely scarf – it’s fabulous.
7. Vintage photographs by Lisa Larsen – a 1950s Southern gathering

[an etsy shop spotlight]

Eames for Herman Miller Fiberglass Arm Chair Rocker-RAR

I’m so glad that I just discovered CoMod Classics based out of Columbia, Missouri. They buy and restore mid-century modern furniture with an emphasis on the iconic designs of Charles & Ray Eames. They also sell mid-century inspired handmade pieces (like the little side table and clock below.)

My mom has that exact avocado Cathrineholm bowl. Well, I sure wish it was mine!

Find their website here
the Etsy shop here
and on Facebook here.

Mid Century Modern Inspired Side Table

Mid Century Modern Inspired Clock

Vintage Mid Century Modern CathrineHolm Enamel Bowl

Vintage Mid Century Modern Thonet Plywood Chair

Eames for Herman Miller Fiberglass Arm Chair Rocker-RAR

[print of the week]

Today we have a wee hedgehog entitled “Fall Hedgehog, flowers” by Katie Vernon (aka ChipmunkCheeks on Etsy).

In her shop you’ll find lots of lovely, whimsical creatures but I love this little hedgehog and the wonderful colors of his bouquet! The colorful little figure in his hill of whitespace would be so cute in a little girl’s room!

Find Katie elsewhere:
Like her on Facebook
personal website
Etsy shop

  • 8" x 10" archival print
  • $20
  • [music monday]


    I, to this day, do not understand Laura Marling’s voice. How does that whiskey-molasses voice come from a creature so thin, young, and British? Well, it’s beautiful and wonderful and haunting, and I guess I’ll have to just leave it at that!

    I discovered her through my local library’s astounding collection of CDs last winter. It was her 2010 release, I Speak Because I Can. Her newest release, A Creature I Don’t Know, came out this past September and is from what this video comes.

    This music video .. ahhhh … I know it’s not autumn and we’re not depressed yet, but this video is so touching. It puts me in a very creative mood. I love what someone from YouTube commented, “I listened to this on the bus, and literally forgot where I was heading and why.”