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Liam - The Woodland Fox

Savannah Carroll of Chico, California is the artist behind Sleepy King and purveyor of wool felt plushies and accessories you are sure to adore. I am a sucker for woodland animals … especially those made of felt. All of the designs you’ll find at Sleepy King are 100% original. Find her blog here.

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wilfred - the little woodland owl with stars on his wings

circus - woodland owl wing hair clip

Gwendolyn Gingham - Woodland Spring Bunny

Lovers - Bon Bon and Belchick - tweed woodland squirrels in love

Nimble the little woodland owl

IOGraph is an application that turns mouse movements into a modern art.”

Discovered this fun little app a while ago. Once you download it, it tracks your mouse paths and creates a cool image in which you can see where your mouse has been and where your mouse has stopped. It is strange to see, actually. I find myself semi-ashamed at all the interwebbing one can do in a short amount of time! Doesn’t it look like a lot of work?? Oh well! You just download the application on their website here, turn it on, pause it if you want, save your images. You can let it go for days!

Here’s some interwebbing I’ve been doing!

10 minutes:

45 minutes:

23 hours: