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I’ll be traveling to the Oregon coast in a couple weeks with a bunch of junior high and high school kids for a church youth event. Even though I’ve been living in this state for 5 and a half years, I have never spent more than a day on its chilly sands so I am looking forward to this weekend jaunt.

For a lovely Oregon coast video by Kinfolk look here.



The day after Christmas … what a terrible day! You have to take down the Christmas decorations, haul the tree out into your yard to wait for the Boy Scouts to come, and pack away all the glitter, glitz, and merriment that made the past month so wonderful. The day would be much better if I could sit down and read through this, this, and this that I acquired yesterday, but no, today I must disassemble the Christmas disaster we created in this house over the past week and get ready to go back to work tomorrow.
But there is much to be thankful for! A play in the snow if you have any, time with family still in town, relishing in your new gifts. I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and will enjoy this week coming out of it!

Artwork above by Mathilde Aubier

Was blessed to have been able to celebrate a friend’s birthday up in Portland last weekend. There was much eating and walking and shopping. It really is a great city. I was asked for a few things-to-do-in-portland suggestions by an old friend a few days later and promptly drew up the most amazing Portland travel guide. It might have taken me 3 hours … but it’s delightful. It may just have to be published someday!