Man and Woman Tea Towels by depeapa

Loving these tea towels at Verónica de Arriba’s Etsy shop, Depeapa. All I want these days are black and white tea towels. (Black and white everything really.)

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linen duvet(C) All Rights Reserved. BODIE and FOU

After seeing the photo above floating around for a few months, I finally LOOKED at it and realized how wonderful these linen duvets by Linge Particulier are. You can find them at the lovely french shop Bodie and Fou, which is run by two sweet sisters, Elodie and Karine. The duvets come in light grey, blue grey, pink and even mustard! (not shown) How wonderful and cool linen would feel in the summertime…

Recently Updated2(C) All Rights Reserved. BODIE and FOU

Recently Updated1(C) All Rights Reserved. BODIE and FOU

Every time I need a little pick-me-up, I look through these photos from Aubin & Willsspring campaign of last year. The colors, the books, the clothes, the houseplants, her haircut, the wallpaper, his glasses. Omgosh … it’s all perfect. If I could insert myself into this life (with my current life and loved people tucked tightly in my arms, of course) I would. Okay maybe for just a day.

Aubin & Wills6800555335_5388ea0a93_o


The day after Christmas … what a terrible day! You have to take down the Christmas decorations, haul the tree out into your yard to wait for the Boy Scouts to come, and pack away all the glitter, glitz, and merriment that made the past month so wonderful. The day would be much better if I could sit down and read through this, this, and this that I acquired yesterday, but no, today I must disassemble the Christmas disaster we created in this house over the past week and get ready to go back to work tomorrow.
But there is much to be thankful for! A play in the snow if you have any, time with family still in town, relishing in your new gifts. I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and will enjoy this week coming out of it!

Artwork above by Mathilde Aubier

[an etsy shop spotlight]

ConiLab is Coni Della Vedova, a freelance graphic designer based out of Barcelona. For almost two years, Coni has been designing and producing handmade screenprints from her “laboratory” but she also has a history of studio work and collaboration with designers such as Peret & Espeus.

Below are a few of my favorites from her online shop, which you can find here.

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turn the page print by coniLab
we are a team print by coniLab
let it flow print by coniLab
enjoy the silence print by coniLab

With Thanksgiving behind us here in the US, I’m excited to begin making Christmas crafts and bringing out my family’s old decorations that have been passed down. This year more than ever I am attracted to simple decorations like the ones shown here. More inspiration on Pinterest – follow me here.

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