etsy spotlight :: MIRTA

[an etsy shop spotlight]

Thorns . three oxidized sterling silver stacking rings

These wonderful pieces are made to order by Andrea Simic, a 24-year-old architecture graduate. She is a Croatian native who grew up in the small, medieval town of Knin and is currently living in Zagreb, the country’s largest city, where she also got her degree. Her modern and geometric designs are inspired by what she sees around her in product design and architecture. She credits her creative mother as her biggest influence, and has an intense love for animals (her shop was named after her beloved bearded collie.)

I am absolutely in love with all of her designs, but here are a few of my favorites.

Find her on Twitter here.
See the shop here.

As always, click on the photo to see the item listing.

Eye . herkimer diamond oxidized sterling silver ring

Line . sterling silver bar stud earrings

Chandelier . oxidized sterling silver post earrings

Thorn . oxidized sterling silver ring

Personal armor . oxidized sterling silver joint ring

Circles . oxidized sterling silver post earrings


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