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[an etsy shop spotlight]

Liam - The Woodland Fox

Savannah Carroll of Chico, California is the artist behind Sleepy King and purveyor of wool felt plushies and accessories you are sure to adore. I am a sucker for woodland animals … especially those made of felt. All of the designs you’ll find at Sleepy King are 100% original. Find her blog here.

Click any item to see it in her shop!

wilfred - the little woodland owl with stars on his wings

circus - woodland owl wing hair clip

Gwendolyn Gingham - Woodland Spring Bunny

Lovers - Bon Bon and Belchick - tweed woodland squirrels in love

Nimble the little woodland owl

  1. Anna Christensen said:

    Sleepy King seems like it would be a good business with all of the online exposure and the seemingly professional looking website however, I purchased one of these handmade animal pillows back in the middle of May…it is now approaching the end of June and I have not yet received the pillows yet my bank account has been deducted the $54.

    My suggestion is to save your money. They look really cute on the website but its not really cute to pay $54 for something you never receive!

    • Clara said:

      I do have the same experience.

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