josh garrels – white owl

[music monday]

Well, yes indeed, this is the third post in a row that focuses on a Portland, Oregon artist. I swear it was not intentional!

Josh Garrels is an amazingly talented folk artist who has had the ability to produce and release six albums on his own with seemingly little help beginning in 2002. A biography describes him as having been everything from a “son of a hippie commune, skater boy, suburban drug dealer, music/design student, coffee roaster, urban shepherd, and now nation- and globe-trotting minstrel of hope and healing.”

His most recent album Love & War & The Sea In Between, from which this song and video come from, was released in July 2012 as a free download on his website here and has been downloaded at least 75,000 times. A truly talented guy, I wish great things keep happening for him.

Also, this video is beautiful.

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  1. This dude is awesome. He grew up near where I went to college and I had the privalage of seeing him live dozens of times. He’s a fantastic human being AND great artists as well.

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