the amazingness of european design blogs

Over the past few months I have been finding more and more design blogs by people living in Europe that are amazing. It is so refreshing, and their curated posts are always deliciously mod and fresh. Here are few of my favs that you should probably check out if you and I are style friends.

[Confession] Yeah, I have no idea what any of these blog names mean and I sometimes can’t even understand what Google Chrome tries to translate for me, therefore until I learn Norwegian, Icelandic, and French these will be mainly picture blogs for me! The beautiful thing about these blogs is that, hey, there’s still amazing pictures that need no translation!

Click the pictures to be amazingly transported to the blog!

Miluccia from France

ÓLÖF JAKOBÍNA from Iceland

le 13 zor from Belgium

fjellby from Norway

fine little day from Sweden

  1. Miluccia said:

    wowww! thank you so much it’s very nice from you, i will try to translate my post so you can understand..:) You can follow me on pinterest and on Facebook too (Miluccia)
    grettings from France! Céline

  2. 13zor said:

    Wouaaa! Miluccia (Céline) prevented me to come to see here! 🙂 thank you very much for this honor on your blog! I will try to also translate but my English is not perfect 😉 Greets from Belgium!

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