iPhone cases

It’s true, folks. I am the proud new owner of an iPhone. As someone who is new to the smartphone and portable computer realm, I feel like I have been in a dizzying whirlwind the past six days as I’ve been getting to know this new magical device that can do everything for me except roast marshmallows at a moment’s notice.

So as I sit down at my computer for the first time in literally 6 days, I think that it would be a good idea to dedicate this post to iPhones and all their excessive glory. Here is a roundup of the iPhone covers available out there in Internetland that have caught my fancy. Can you guess which one is mine?

Left to right, top to bottom.
[1.Blue Chevron iPhone case] [2.Knitta Please iPhone case] [3.DG Aztec #1 iPhone case]
[4.Soma iPhone case] [5.Arnsdorf SS11 Crystal Pattern iPhone case] [6.Flower Burst iPhone case]
[7.elago S4 Slim fit Case iPhone case] [8.Walnut Root Cases iPhone case] [9.”Allusion” iPhone case]


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