New Girl bedding


How wonderful is this bedspread on the set of the New Girl? After 20 minutes of googling “zooey deschanel’s bedding on the new girl”, I still can’t figure out where it came from. Perhaps it’s just some fabric the a fancy set designer found somewhere? Well, I love it. The black background, the colorful flowers… love. It reminds me of this calendar from The House That Lars Built, which is also wonderful.

  1. mmgarnes said:

    I love the calendar! I still haven’t seen the show… need to hop to it 😉

  2. Sofia said:

    I was searching for the bedding as well and found this post. The funny thing is, I bought that calendar a couple of weeks ago!!!

    • Leigh Benigni said:

      I was in search for the bedding too and came across this post.

  3. Clau G said:

    OMG! I just finished watching the NEW GIRL episode where Jess and Paul have sex and I saw the bedspread… I WANT IT! *sigh* if you ever find out where you got it from cn you let me know?? 🙂

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