wanted: additional seating


I am new to the “poufs” (aka. rounded ottoman) world, but my living room is in dire need of additional seating. DIRE need. We have a couch and one thrifted reading chair, leaving a huge expanse of unused space, and more importantly, not a lot of places to sit! Only three to four people can sit comfortably. Floor pillows may be a bit too bohemian for me these days, so I’m thinking … poufs!

My favorites are undoubtedly these woven ones from Urban Outfitters and Ikea, respectively. The Urban Outfitters pouf is no longer available, but the Ikea one sure is. Too bad I like the taller one better … even though it was like $50 more … and is no longer available. Sigh.

from Sweet Home Style

Alseda Stool from Ikea

But still, there are some other non-rattan poufs out there that are also nice. These amazing poufs (with feet no less!) are, needless to say, amazing, but I have absolutely no idea where they came from. Probably because I don’t speak French. If you do, check out Jennifer’s lovely blog and let me know!

from Le 13zor

These lovelies are from Sarah Hepworth’s Etsy store and are made from upcycled sweaters! How cool is that?!

from littlemissloolies

Honorable Mentions:

Grey White Suzani Twill 18" Ottoman Pouf Floor Pillow from aletafae

from Apartment Therapy

from Design*Sponge


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