zia vintage :: etsy spotlight

[an etsy shop spotlight]

Vintage Native Brown Moccasins

ZiaVintage is one of six Etsy shops run by the Cairo vintage storefront in Seattle’s funky Capitol Hill district. If you’re in Seattle you can visit Cairo at 507 E Mercer St. They sell vintage and locally-made clothing, accessories and housewares for men and women as well as host music shows and teach people how to make silkscreen prints in their silkscreening studio!

But online they sell a really cool collection of vintage finds worldwide. ZiaVintage, which I discovered first, has a large collection of men and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, but their other Etsy stores host collections of kids clothing, vintage electronics like typewriters and cameras, and much more.

You’ll find links to their other stores on ZiaVintage’s profile here.

Click any of the photos to visit their listings on Etsy.

Vintage Slouchy Ikat

Plaid Button Front Classic Top

Bright Green Button-Up

Vintage Grunge Flannel

Geode Belt Buckle

Wool Pullover Sweater

Women's Brown Oxfords with Heel


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